3D scanners

3D scanners

“Smart Engineering” offers a variety of three-dimensional scanners with wide application. There is a wide choice of scanners with different price ranges: Artec 3D cost-effective handheld scanner, Creaform universal laser handheld 3D scanner, Surphaser laser 3D scanner with a large operating range, designated for significant engineering tasks.
3D scanners are also used for a variety of tasks:
1. Reproduction of products provided that there is no authentic computer documentation - reverse engineering;
2. Replication of statues or other objects (for example, to make souvenirs);
3. Replication of people to make monuments, busts or statues;
4. Plaster restoration;
5. Fast and contactless measurement of complex shapes of objects;
6. Modeling process acceleration (interior design);
7. Time saving, simultaneously copying and texturing objects;
8. Shortening of technological production chain or exclusion of some technological phases;
9. Expansion of the range of services by virtue of object copying, which is preferred by the customers (monuments, wood casing products);

10. Development of virtual museums, virtual expositions and exhibitions, real estate presentation;
11. Evaluation (inspection analysis), for example, in case of deformations in some building structural components or pipes;
12. Archivation and preservation of culture-historical heritage;
13. Creation of animation and movies;
14. Creation of advertising and special visual effects;
15. Scanning of ships and other water transport (such as yacht);
16. Control of construction, building constructions;
17. Scanning of enclosed spaces (factory workshops and hangars, technological boxes, shafts, as well as industrial objects that contain complex three-dimensional constructions, communications (pipelines, ventilation) and equipment;
18. Interior planning and design;
19. Building design and restoration;
20. Damage assessment for insurance, in case of crashes, etc.

Artec EVA
Artec Eva 3D scanner is the latest addition to Artec's the model line-up. This scanner is the ideal choice for those that need to receive a quick, textured and accurate scan. Eva doesn't require markers or calibration.
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Artec L
The Artec L™ 3D Scanner has the largest field and depth of view in Artec’s product line. This means that it can digitize large portions of an object in seconds.
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Artec Kinect
Kinect combined with Artec Studio is an easy and inexpensive way to get started with 3D scanning. The combination of the two products will cost less than 700€ and will let you try 3D scanning in your field.
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