Biometric systems

Artec Welcome

Artec Welcome is a free demo application that illustrates how Artec 3D face recognition technology may protect computers and networks from unauthorized access. Artec Welcome does not require any security hardware and supports consumer 3D sensors like Primesense, MS Kinect and ASUS Xtion/Xtion Pro.

There is a huge issue of data protection that is actual in various fields of practical application: consumer, financial, corporate, government, medical and forensic spheres, where, in some cases, confidentiality is a law-required necessity. Existing security solutions cannot offer full protection, as, for instance, passwords could be lost, forged or exchanged, and keeping the passwords on ‘stick-on’ notes next to the PC is a common practice. 2D identification devices could be fooled with a photograph, fingerprints could be forged. All the access control devices usually require a one-time log-in, therefore, once access is granted, there is no guarantee that the right person is actually using the PC afterwards.  

key features

The revolutionary 3D face recognition technology from Artec Group easily surmounts those obstacles faced by other technologies:
3D face recognition technology scans the geometry of a human face, which is a unique biometric key that nobody can steal or forge.
Constant surveillance and log history solve the problem of a "one-time log-in". Log history enables to identify all users, having had access to a PC by a video image track.
It grants access to an authorized user as soon as he/she takes a look at the monitor and automatically logs off the computer when user leaves the controlled area or when an outsider appears
Contactless biometrics: Artec Welcome doesn't require inconvenient identification procedures like recurrent fingerprints scans
Timeout sessions are not an issue anymore. Many PC users tend to extend timeout periods because they are annoyed by the constant necessity to identify themselves. With Artec Welcome you don't have to spend time on that and concentrate on your work.
The solution is able to recognize a person in less than a second. Enrollment is just as easy - it takes two seconds.

Do not hesitate to try our free demo version to see Artec 3D face recognition technology in action that identifies people the same way humans do.