Broadway 3D BR (en)

Broadway 3D BR

Broadway 3D BR operates in three modes: registration, identification and verification. It can be installed on the reception desk. On the Solutions page you can see Broadway BR at Reception - scenario is realised in Sberbank (the largest credit institution in Russia and CIS). All the client’s information appears simultaneously on the monitor after client’s identification on the Broadway reception device. This is individual service – the reception employee is in advance informed as to what questions usually interest this client.

The Broadway 3D™ BR is designed to showcase Artec Group proprietary human recognition technology applied to physical access control scenarios. It helps to get first hand experience of the technology, to explore its innovative features and capabilities, and to test and develop new security solutions. Incorporated in the Broadway 3D™ BR the technology presents fast, noncooperative, truly efficient and safe human recognition with respect to users’ time and comfort.

The Broadway 3D™ BR is composed of three key components – Broadway 3D™ Camera, Broadway 3D™ Docking Station and Broadway™ Computing Unit with pre-installed Security Software. The camera represents a revolutionary 3D scanner that obtains high-quality 3D measurements of human face and body in a real time video mode. The Docking Station provides full functionally interaction with third-part equipment via Relay and Wiegand interface. The proprietary software on the Computing Unit processes the acquired surfaces and generates a unique biometric template, which is saved for further user identification.

The Broadway 3D™ BR is a great tool to evaluate a new generation biometric shield for banks, offices, corporate buildings, airports, casinos and other facilities that require enhanced level of security.