Laser Marking

Laser marking

Laser model Telesis ® EVC is modern system of laser marking with fiber-coupled diode pump with optical fiber. Quality of laser beams and optimization of modulation is applied where must be provided high quality and stability of light. EVC is also powerful and fast which is important for marking surfaces of sensitive electronic components and medical instruments. This system is suitable for marking, scribing, grinding and other operations. EVC laser head is a laser crystal Nd:YVO4 with end-pump which works from distant source to fiber. Average life of diode is more than 200,000 work hours. Durable mechanics and reliable optics allows to use EVC in an industrial environment, characterized with overcharge, vibrations and dust.













Laser marking allows to change radiation parameters which allows to obtain variety of graphical objects on the surface. They can be images of vectors or rasters, as well as their combinations. in this way you can obtain on each product an unique, hard reproducible print. This option allows maximally protect products from imitations.
Solid-state lasers offer the opportunity to work with wider range of products, including:
• metals, including hard alloys;
• varnished, painted, chemically processed surfaces;
• various types of plastics, including polystyrene, ABC, nylon, polycarbonate (this type of laser provides a clear and contrast image reproduction on plastic products);
• ceramics;
• PVC;
• cable products.
Products offered by our company can be used for standard and art marking, for decoration of souvenir products, in manufacturing and jewelry making. Is possible to place signatures on measuring devices, to mark keyboards, to create labels, to make security and identification marks in blanks, etc.
Marking must fit high requirements. Marking must be resistant against the wear and easy to read. Manufacturers, of course, are interested that marking does not spoil product´s appearance and does not negatively affect the product´s material. In addition is requested that marking would happen independently and would not requires high cost.

Laser marking is the best option because it meets all requirements mentioned below and is having several advantages over other methods:
• possibility to adjust linear and circular marking on the move;
• allows in short-term process large products;
• can be applied on all kinds of natural materials;
• do not subject the product to mechanical impact so it does not damage the surface;
• influence of temperature is controlled in wide range;
• is no need for source material;
• markers are resistant against heat, wear, chemical influence;
• speed of processing is very high;
• laser marking allows to print images of any complexity: starting from alpha-numeric codes until photo images;
• change of work assignment can be done within a few seconds;
• helps to process measuring instruments, instrument panels, disks, etc.;
• possibility to mark in places hard to reach;
• compliance to unique UID marking.

Milling shop
Universally and effectively!!!!
Long years of experience in economy area, in the high quality processing industry of plastic and aluminium allowed DATRON to create this great equipment that received a lot of popularity in the market. A wide area of work, high quality of processing, flexibility and efficient – these are the main characteristics of DATRON equipment.

Milling shop is equipped with high quality German equipment DATRONF that corresponds the highest consumer requirements and meets following advantages:
• high-speed milling of aluminium and plastics (up to 60,000 rpm);
• milling of complex 3D surfaces;
• precision graving and milling of miniature parts;
• availability of U-type table allows to secure and process parts up to 900 mm;
• low power consumption with high performance of equipment.
Main areas for application of equipments of milling – engraving:
• milling, drilling, engraving of aluminium profiles and panels;
• milling, drilling, engraving of plastic panels;
• manufacturing of front panels and cabinets of audio-video and computer technology;
• manufacturing of medical equipment and other parts;
• manufacturing of test and work shapes for plastic molding;
• manufacturing of shape of thermal and vacuum;
• manufacturing of prototypes;
• manufacturing of plaster decoration for manufacturing shapes from aluminium and plastics;
• manufacturing of cooling elements/aluminium radiators;
• manufacturing of aircraft parts (including UAV);
• manufacturing of motorcycle, bicycle equipment and auto-avio modeling parts;
• manufacturing parts of alternative energy;
• etc.

Technical characterization

Movement on XYZ 1020 x 700 x 240 mm
Shaft  High-speed electric shaft 0,6 kW, 60.000 rpm of precision
System of instrument change Max 15-position instruments with built-in sound for length tool measuring
Access / Accelerated pace Up to 20 m/min