Range of use

Application of three-dimensional 3D scanner

Production. Non-contact laser scanning is the newest technology and, despite to its relatively short time of existence, is used to solve a wide range of tasks that continues to expand with help of method development.
Automotive industry. Company Creaform is the main business partner that works in automotive industry. It work with many automotive producers, giants such as Renault, Crysler, Bombardier Transport and Recreational Products, Prevost Car, Nova Bus, Mack Truck.
Aerospace industry. Work with leading aero companies, such as, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and CAE, Creaform, led to position itself as a reliable partner that implements modeling aircraft parts in airline industry.
Architecture. Three-dimensional scanners are used in architecture for restoration purposes, creating bank of digital copies (virtual archive) and in subsequent reconstruction of sculptures and other objects (industrial renewal), scanners are also used in creation of a virtual museum.
Archeology. 3D three-dimensional scanners are widely used to solve a wide range of tasks, including archeology and restoration, preservation of art works, creation 3D-documentation of art works and museum collections, virtual restoration, as well as copying for further replication.
Education. Handyscan 3D scanning technology and portable sensor technology HandyPROBE is used in many areas of education. Currently technology is used and studied in the best art and engineering schools around the world, marketing and fast creation of prototypes by 3D scanning method.
Medicine. Handyscan 3D scanners have great potential in the medical field, scanning any body parts, creating prosthesis, modeling and planning of plastic surgery, orthopedics and cosmetology, dentistry, scanning color and texture of wounds.
Multimedia. Today, thanks to three-dimensional scanning are used unique possibilities about which could not even dream of before. Century of information technologies and global computerization has revealed us the new virtual world. 3D scanner is the first step that allows us to connect virtual and real world.
Indestructible control. Technological solution is based on using technology of high-precision three-dimensional laser scanning which allows perform accurate measurements of material loss due to wear and corrosion to test corrosion of pipelines, high pressure pipes, load-bearing construction and building structures.
Reverse engineering. Today 3D scanners are widely used in reverse engineering of complex shapes that is difficult to measure using standard tools. Also unlike coordinate-measuring equipments (CMM), 3D scanner acquires the surface of object in whole, not just in the selected points.
Criminalistics. Reflection of result of three-dimensional scanning of elements in scene of accident or crime can become an additional string evidence as well as provides help in visualization and analysis.

Fashion. 3D scanner can be used to create custom clothing as well as to create equipment or mechanisms in the industry. Additionally body scanning is the safest way to sew clothing with a perfect result.